No News is Good News

Over the last several months, there has been the blog version of radio silence. Not to worry because no news is good news!

Here is a short synopsis of what has been going on around here for the last few months.


February – Andy and I accepted a temporary foster placement of a baby with severe special needs.

Without going into detail for time and legality sake, it will suffice to say this was the most intense experience I have ever had. With Andy working his 12 hour days, I did it for the most part alone. It was trying, troubling, terrifying, and probably several more “T” words I can’t think of. However, it was very eye opening. I learned way more about myself and my capacity to be a mother than I had ever really thought of before. I realized the value of having family near by to help and support in a very tangible way, too. I live no where near my family, which made things hard. February was rough.


March – I “went” back to work!

My previous employer called me up during the month of March and was like, “Hey, we’d like to have you back and we’ll let you do you job from home.” SCORE! So a lot of March was spent getting a handle on working from home and managing the Bean, which is how I refer to the babe.


April – The Bean left us, I took on more hours at work, and I started a second phase of the kitchen renovation process.

I have never appreciated silence the way I do now. Part of me feels guilt over the relief I felt when the Bean left, but the other part of me is enjoying the lower intensity of my days. The Bean went to the adoptive family’s home where one of the biological siblings was place and being adopted, as well. Needless to say, it has worked out for the best there and that makes me happy. We went On Hold after that to sort of decompress and really think about things in light of all the revelations we had during the Bean’s stay with us. Meanwhile, I picked up a few extra hours at work and started re-hauling the kitchen cabinets (more on that later). I also took a week to go to Pennsylvania to visit with some of my family.


May – I have been mainly working at work and in the kitchen.

I maintain the hours I picked up last month and continue my work in the kitchen. (Again, more on that later.) Also, Andy and I have been really looking at the sort of future we want and have been taking active steps towards that, which feels great! Β Without going into too much detail again because nothing is certain, we have made some big decisions and are just looking for the right opportunities. Only time will tell how everything comes to pass; so, you’ll have to keep an eye out for any new updates that may come out! Moreover, I started my garden….late again this year!


June – I am excited for June. We have a vacation planned to go to Pennsylvania and New York City. I hope to spend more time curating content for the blog, as well as, get my first ever newsletter out. AND, I Β hope to finish up some of my work in the kitchen! So, we’ll see!!




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