Gray Days

For the last week or so, the skies have been gray and the days have been dreary. The rain has ensured the constant running of our sump pump, which is proving itself worthy of the task of keeping our basement dry. Even the animals have noticed the change in weather and have been lazily resting with no desire to go out and play.


This morning, I wandered through the house before getting ready for my day mentally adding up a list of “to dos” and a few things came to my mind and heart.



I noticed as I do every day now how our kiddo room is still empty. (We had a chance at a placement a little over a week ago, but was unable to take it because we were out of the state at the time for a wedding. It was heart wrenching to have to pass on it after waiting for over a month, but ultimately it worked out because another family was able to take the placement. We are back to the waiting game for the next call, now.)



I observed all the half finished projects you have to learn to live with when renovating on a budget like incomplete office/library spaces and half painted wall trims. Last week, I rearranged the furniture in our “great” room, removed the television and media console occupying one wall to make space for a piano I hope to one day have, raised the curtain rods to make the space look larger, and placed a few pieces of our wood flooring down to see how it would look when we have room in the budget to do the whole floor. Now, the room sits in flux with half finished wall decor of hanging woven bowls, transitioning from one curtain pattern to the other, and empty spaces were an upright piano will one day (hopefully soon) be placed.



And, I reflected on the last two years all the changes and happenings that have occurred in my life while living here and briefly hoped for what might be to come in the future.


Perhaps, it’s this gray day that has me in such a reflective mood. Perhaps, it’s the new year. Or perhaps, it’s that in two weeks I’ll turn 30 years old. My concluding realization was that I do not mind being at home. While I do have travel and professional aspirations that will see me in other places and cities, this is where I am most myself and most happy. It does not isolate me. I do not feel discouraged or lacking. On the contrary, I feel peace and contentedness.



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