Building a Rustic Twin Bed

Things have been busy around My Simple Farmhouse for the last two weeks with prepping for and enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday, as well as, my new woodworking/carpentry undertaking. Unlike my previous DIY kitchen and myΒ mudroom closet makeovers, I have been working on a small scale, but heavy duty project: an Ana White Twin Farmhouse Bed.




Many people I talk to say they could never have the courage to do some of the DIY stuff that they see me doing. While most of the time I’m building things I design myself, this is the first project where I followed another person’s DIY. Let me tell you, it was pretty fun! If you don’t know who Ana White is, then definitely look her up!




I started my build about a week and a half ago. I was armed with the plan and list of materials and headed to Lowe’s to get what I needed. As I was putting my newly purchased 8 foot boards into my tiny 2009 Subaru Impreza, I became painfully aware at how clown-carish it all must of looked to the men in the parking lot with the heavy duty trucks. Here I was with my trunk open, back seats folded down and front passenger seat scooted as far forward as it would go so I could diagonally slide each board into my car one at a time. *Insert laugh here.* I looked pretty silly, but I have my mother’s excellent packing skills and got each one in albeit a tight trunk to dashboard squeeze!





After measuring and cutting the wood to length per the specs given, I got to work building. The headboard was first, then the foot board and finally the side rails and platform frame. This took me about 3 different evenings to do. While most of it was pretty easy to put together, let me forewarn you. Make sure your screws are heavy duty. I stripped SO MANY screwed when working with the denser 4×4 posts even when I had a fresh battery for my drill. I found exterior/deck screws worked best for me, personally. Filling the holes with wood fill, letting it dry and sanding it all down took another day.




After all the pieces were together, Andy and I carried them inside for the final assembly and painting. We used 2×3’s and 2×4’s for slats instead of 2×2’s just to have the extra stability and it took 2 coats of paint to cover. I used Behr’s Swiss Coffee white paint with a satin enamel sheen. To finish off the frame, I sanded the edges to give it the rustic farmhouse look. And, voila!




It’s super steady (and heavy) and it looks great if I can say so myself! Here you can see it all done up with my Signature Sleep mattress, Target bed sheets, and West Elm quilt and duvet cover.




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