Small Closet Organization

With the impending arrival of children, I have been doing a little moving and shaking on our second floor.

We have a three bedroom house. With it just being Andy and I, we decided to move ourselves into the largest of the three rooms, use one room as a spare room and use the other room as a dressing room/closet. Anyone who lives in an old home like this one know closet space is almost nada; so, you have to be creative. This was our solution. And, it worked! Andy had his corner. I had my corner. There was a vanity table. The space was pretty awesome.



Now, the time has come for a change. Our heart is to foster and adopt children and I want to fill this house with lots of little lives. So, we are doing the selfless thing and are transitioning our dressing room/closet back into a bedroom and moving our things into our room for the first time since we moved in.


The challenge was fitting it all somewhere! To be honest, Andy and I haven’t fit into one closet and one dresser since we were married in 2013. Furthermore, the space available in our bedroom wasn’t ideal. The room itself is roughly 13’x15′ with a 70″ wide closet. In the closet, we had stored our bed linens, our hamper and River’s sleeping crate. I needed to get creative with shelving and rods and racks and a dresser that would give us space, but not take up a lot of space in our tiny bedroom. (Get out the drafting paper and start the online window shopping.) Given the style of decor and furniture, we decided to go with a Hemnes DresserΒ from Ikea and a variation of ClosetMaidΒ closet organizers from Home Depot.



I’m happy to say we did it, but it wasn’t without causalities, though! Both Andy and I have had to downsize our closets significantly! A capsule wardrobe is something I had been toying with for about a year; so, this was helpful to really do the downsizing. Also, River lost a bit a space in her favorite sleeping corner. However, we were able to preserve most of it!

All in all, the space it together, works, and (in my opinion) looks good. I’m still deciding on doors or not. I sort of like it open…especially since River hangs out in there!


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  1. Reply
    Kathy Adelson
    November 15, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    I like the look of the closet without doors especially since you don’t have moldings framing the opening. It makes for a really clean and contemporary look. Not sure why but I think the organizer somehow makes it look larger. : )

    1. Reply
      January 18, 2017 at 6:46 pm

      I definitely agree with it looking larger. We are definitely able to fit more in there and we were before!

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