I LOVE Fall Cleaning

With the coming of Fall and Winter, I always feel compelled to clean my house. I’ve had this ritual for many years, but I never quite put a name to. Now, I’m not talking about the regular weekly cleaning. I’m talking about a good Spring Cleaning, but in the Fall. As I was researching it today, I found that Fall Cleaning is a real thing! A quick Pinterest search pulls loads of great resources, even!

In 2011, Apartment Therapy did an article called the “5 Reasons Fall Cleaning Is As Important As Spring Cleaning“. In 2013, Psychology Today published an article called “Fall Cleaning As Important As Spring Cleaning: De-clutter you home before your Winter hibernation“. Both are really great reads in my opinion. While brief, the first focuses on the healthy habit of cleaning out your house for reasons of dusts and bugs and whatnot. When fans and air conditioners turn off all that dust and grime is going to settle somewhere and who really enjoys that? The second makes very valid points about mental health behind a Fall (and Spring) Cleaning. It argues by “beginning our long Winter captivity in a fresh, de-cluttered space makes our time indoors tolerable for longer” (Augustine, S., Ph.D.).

I do believe in the physical and mental health of a good Spring and Fall cleaning. It serves as a fresh start heading into the new season in so many ways.

  1. It allows one to evaluate their “things”: what you have vs. what you need or really use.
    AsΒ  relatively new homeowners and only on the verge of turning 30, Andy and I don’t have a lot of things.Β  Still, I hear all the time people say, “Just wait. In (x number of years), you won’t even know what’s in that closet or the garage.” While I am not naturally a minimalist any more than I am a hoarder, this practice (evaluating, de-cluttering and organizing) allows a person to keep a good handle on what they have. It also helps a person to better maintain what they have!
  2. You are able to prep your home for the winter by cleaning out and clearing out around your home both inside and out.
    In the summer, there is a lot of tracking in of dirt and dust sticking the fan blades. The spiders that build webs outside on my porch or in my shrubbery find their little ways into the basement as the weather turns cooler. Because of these reasons and more, a good physical cleaning can really go along way towards staying healthy during the winter months when people tend to stay indoors. A great interactive Fall Cleaning Checklist can be found on Real Simple’s website.
  3. Organize storage spaces for the impending holiday seasons to make room of guests, entertaining, and potential Christmas gifts.
    If your house is anything like mine, you have really limited closet space. All those winter coats, hats, gloves, and scarves take up room! I sort of have already done this one in my own house when I did my DIY Mudroom Closet Makeover. By organizing storage spaces, you are making it easier on yourself and your guests later on who may be using the space. Maybe pull your Christmas decorations out the to front of your storage area and put your summer patio items in the back. Or, create a designated empty space for guests to place something in the bathroom vanity or bedroom closets.
  4. Having a de-cluttered, organized and clean space, truly helps one to think more clearly and feel more at peace or relaxed in my opinion.
    My absolute favorite quote from the Psychology Today article is, “clutter is mentally exhausting” (Augustine, S., Ph.D.). **SIGNS and PLACES HANDS OVER HEART** Love that! Honestly, it should get needle-pointed on a pillow or something. A chaotic space causes me anxiety and stress. How can one feel at peace in a place of total disarray? It could total be an OCD thing of mine or related to my Type A personality, but it’s the truth. Please keep in mind that I am not a fanatic and we own 4 furry animals, but I think the clearest and feel the most at ease when my space is de-cluttered, organized and clean. The best compliments I receive about our home is when people either say “it looks like it belongs in a magazine” or “you can’t even smell that you have animals”. SCORE! Those are wins in my book.

So, as nerdy as it is, I’m super excited to get my #fallcleaning on and prepare for my favorite seasons, a.k.a. Fall and Winter. It will be a several week(end) project, so keep an eye out for types and tricks as you maybe start your own Fall Cleaning! Any other questions about it? Please feel free to leave it in the comments below!


“Have nothing in your home that you do not find to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

– Wilhelm Morris

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    Mary Shoff
    August 31, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    So believe in Fall Cleaning as well, even though I didn’t know that’s what it was called. This has challenged me to once again get ready to do my Fall Cleaning but also some de-cluttering in the basement and our garage…then organizing some space for a sewing/craft area in the basement and just organizing it all so I can find things easier!
    Once again…love your blog…I was inspired!

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